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Sep 29, 2012 10:15pm EDT
country. we have achieved extraordinary prosperity. and in this election, america has to make an important choice. will we use our prosperity to enrich not just the few, but all of our families? i believe we have to make the right and responsible choices. if i'm entrusted with the presidency, here are the choices that i will make. i will balance the budget every year. i will pay down the national debt. i will put medicare and social security in a lockbox and protect them. and i will cut taxes for middle- class families. i believe it's important to resist the temptation to squander our surplus. if we make the right choices, we can have a prosperity that endures and enriches all of our people. if i'm entrusted with the presidency, i will help parents and strengthen families because, you know, if we have prosperity that grows and grows, we still won't be successful unless we strengthen families by, for example, ensuring that children can always go to schools that are safe. by giving parents the tools to protect their children against cultural pollution. i will make sure that we inve
Sep 30, 2012 3:15am EDT
, the american people send my up there. the day after election, i'll -- we won't wait until inyaug ration. i' ask the president to help me and thstaff, we'll put together teams to take all the plans that exist and do something with . there are great plans all over washington that nobody executes. it's like having blue prints for a house. you never build. you never sleep. take these things and do something with them. you want to put america back to work? clean up the small business problem. second, you got the big companies in trouble, have something on that. have a third task force make sure to nail the country and not wind up in asia. >> we have an adversarial relation shich wi government and business, our international coetitors that are clning our plate have an intelligent relationship between government and business and a supportive relationship. then, have another task force on crime, because nextto jobs our people are concerned about their safety, health care, one othe debt and deficit. finally, in that 90 day period before the inauguration, give the american people a christm
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2